20 January 2018, Saturday, 6:09

Borisovdrev general director arrested

A criminal case was opened against Uladzimir Maltsau, the general director of Borisovdrev wood processing plant.

Interfax-West news agency has learnt it from the information department of the Investigation Committee.

“A criminal case has been opened against the general director of Borisovdrev over part 3 of article 424 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (abuse of power and office) in connection with causing grave consequences to the state's interests during the process of modernisation of the plant,” the committee informs.

He was taken into custody and his property was seized.

On November 8, 2013, Lukashenka visited Borisovdrev plant for the second time to see how his instructions on the plant's modernisation were being fulfilled.

Lukashenka was infuriated to find that his orders were ignored. He removed governor of the Minsk region Barys Batura from office and said he should be appointed director of Borisivdrev and chairman of Bellegprom group of companies Aliaksandr Peraslautsau should be appointed his aide.

He released decree No. 502 next day. Under the document, Batura, Peraslautsau and deputy head of the president's administration Andrei Tur were dismissed. Head of the president's administration Andrei Kabiakou and chairman of the State Control Committee received reprimands. Lukashenka ordered the minister of architecture and construction to dismiss a number of directors of construction companies.

Uladzimir Maltsau, the general director of Borisovdrev, wasn't sacked despite threats. Belarusians can remember his interview with ONT channel: