17 January 2018, Wednesday, 22:44

Police search home of nephew of killed Maidan protester from Belarus

The police search the home of activist of Homel Pavel Zhyzneuski.

The news was received from Young Front's press service.

Pavel Zhyzneuski's phone is unavailable at the moment. Andrei Tsianiuta, a co-head of Young Front, says the Homel-based activist visited his grandmother in the village of Rahin, the Buda-Kashaliova district. Police officers and men in civilian clothes were waiting for him in the village.

“We think the search is conducted in connection with the rally on Freedom Day in Minsk,” Andrei Tsianiuta says. “Pavel planned to visit his grandmother and then meet with our activists to go to Minsk together.”

Pavel Zhyzneuski is a nephew of Mikhail Zhyzneuski, one of the first activists killed during the Maidan protests in Ukraine's capital.