26 September 2021, Sunday, 15:04
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‘Right Sector’: Russia will attack Rivne region from Belarus

‘Right Sector’: Russia will attack Rivne region from Belarus

Witnesses report of a large number of troops at Ukraine’s Northern border.

The head of the ‘Right Sector’ in Rivne region Roman Koval warned that Russia may start another aggression against Ukraine – intervention into Rivne region. According to him, having seized the nuclear power plant, the occupants will move farther into Western Ukraine. The politician explained such an assumption by a large number of troops with no identification marks at the border between Belarus and Ukraine.

“At out border on the side of Belarus there is a large number of troops with no identification marks. According to our data, it is the matter of at least 1.5 thousand troops, plus armor carriers and aviation. We do not rule out that their primary task will be to seize the nuclear power plant and advance farther into Western Ukraine”, - the leader of the ‘Right Sector’ for Rivne region told Gazeta.ua.

The politician assumes that along with invading Mykolaiv and Kherson regions Russia will attack Rivne region on a separate front.

“It is not true that in case Russia’s aggression continues, they will only move in one direction in the South and East of Ukraine. Otherwise, there is a question of why they deployed so many troops and military equipment at Ukraine’s Northern border. Like in Crimea, the troops have to identification marks, they wear camouflage cloaks. This is done so they could not be identified”, - Koval says.

According to him, the ‘Right Sector’ in Rivne region is ready to resist an invasion of occupants and mobilizes activists to join the organization.

“We are prepared to resist an invasion. Our guys undergo trainings. We recruit reservists to the ‘Rights Sector’. We are agreeing agree on having a respective training on Thursday at the base of the local Berkut riot police squad in Rivne. Our forces need to be structured, the fighters dressed and prepared”, - Koval pointed out.

We would remind that on 24 March one of the leaders of the local ‘Right Sector’ Oleksandr Muzychko was killed in Rivne.

Photo: Reuters’ archive