23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:05

Mikhail Yezhel: No refugees from Ukraine in Belarus


None citizens of Ukraine fled to Belarus in connection with the latest events in Crimea.

The statement was made by Ukraine's Ambassador Mikhail Yezhel at a press conference in Minsk on Wednesday, Interfax reports.

“There are no refugees. I haven't received any requests regarding employment,” he said to a question about refugees in Belarus in connection with the latest events in Ukraine. “People may spread plenty of myths.”

The diplomat refuted reports about a tide of refugees from Ukraine to neighbouring countries.

“I don't know how the figure 143,000 appeared,” the ambassador said commenting on the information from Russia about Ukrainian refugees.

Mikhail Yezhel said Gazprom's decision to increase gas prices for Ukraine was blackmail.

“Gas prices are the key figures in the budget. One cannot use them to blackmail us,” he said. “They reduce prices and then raise them. The same country does it.”

Speaking about Ukraine's debt for Russian gas the diplomat said: “If we cannot pay today, we'll pay tomorrow. If we cannot pay tomorrow, we'll pay the next day.” He empahsised: “We need to do everything on the interstate level to get closer and not move away from each other.”