23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:02

Lukashenka to Rogozin: We act for the benefit of Russia


Belarus’ ruler stated that at a meeting with Russian Federation’s vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka and the deputy chairman of the government of Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin are discussing the expansion of Belarus-Russian cooperation in military industry domain with the consideration of the situation in Ukraine, Interfax-West reports.

“The goal of my visit is to see what else we can do, considering the new circumstances”, - Dmitry Rogozin claimed in Minsk on Tuesday as he met Lukashenka.

At the same time he reminded of the situation in Ukraine, having claimed that he takes the topic painfully. Dmitry Rogozin reported that in early December at the request of the president of the Russian Federation he chaired a delegation of Russia’s industrialists and “traveled around the whole East of Ukraine, was in Kyiv”. “It is a shame that everything that was achieved in trading and economic relations, in industrial cooperation is being cut on the part of Ukraine by the principle – as I call to – “I will freeze my ears off to made grandma mad”, - he said.

In his turn, Belarusian dictator also pointed out that “the whole situation around us is very much not to our liking”. At the same time Lukashenka reminded that “we have clearly and definitely stated that we should be closer one to another”. “I said that in any situation we will be by Russia’s side”, - he emphasized, having urged to quit insinuations over the topic. Aliaksandr Lukashenka reminded of Belarus and Russia’s allied relations.

“We act based on the situation, the environment, the interests of our state and the interests of the strategic ally”, - the ruler emphasized.

“We do not conceal that we intensively develop military and technical cooperation, modernize the military industry, try to produce new types of products at our enterprises”, - he pointed out. According to him, if this process “is linked to Russia’s military industry, then this modernization will go more efficiently, and the products will be of demand, first of all in Russia”.

Lukashenka urged Dmitry Rogozin to discuss the current pressing issues and problems in the field.

Today in the morning Rogozin posted on his blog that we was going “to Minsk for negotiations on involving Belarus’s defense industry to our operations”.