23 September 2021, Thursday, 21:51
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Rymasheuski: Putin will conduct a military strike on Kyiv from Belarus

Rymasheuski: Putin will conduct a military strike on Kyiv from Belarus

Russian Fascism would not stop its aggression against Ukraine.

Charter97.org website has been told about that by the co-chairman of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party (BCD) Vital Rymasheuski, commenting on the military exercises in Belarus which are becoming more and more often.

“Belarusian democratic politicians should understand that clearly and say to the nation that Belarus has already been dragged into war. In fact, at least a cold war between Russia and the entire democratic world has started. And for Crimea it turns into a hot one at some places, as Crimea is occupied by armed troops of Russia, and people have died, though they are very few. And there is no hope that the Russian fascism would stop its aggression in the near future. Fortunately, Belarusians have not been forced into the war, and we should exert best efforts to prevent that. Both stationing of Russian troops at the territory of Belarus and their movement close to the Belarusian-Ukrainian border are elements of intimidation of Ukraine and “a power play” aimed for Ukraine and the West. No matter what Lukashenka says, he is dancing to the Kremlin’s tune,” he believes.

The politician is convinced that in case the Russian dictator orders, Belarusian soldiers would die on the territory of Ukraine.

“Currently Putin is considering all the possible directions of attack against the Ukrainian state. If one of his objectives is Kyiv and occupation of the entire Ukraine, it means that the strike would be delivered from the territory of Belarus. One should not be a military strategist to understand that,” Rymasheuski stressed.

We remind that within the last month Belarusian troops held numerous military exercises at Belarus’ Polish and Ukrainian borders.