17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:21

Military vehicles noticed in Baranavichy


A diesel train was carrying infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and soldiers.

Charter97.org has learnt it from readers.

“I live and work in the town of Baranavichy, the Brest region. I happened to be at the railway crossing in the Tekstylny district at around 6 p.m. yesterday. The crossing was closed, which wasn't a surprise. A diesel locomotive was hauling a column (if I may say so) of military equipment (IFVs and APCs) in the direction of Minsk. I saw about 10 flatcars and four passenger cars with soldiers and officers,” a reader writes.

He doubts the equipment was carried to Minsk.

“The track to Minsk is electrified, so we have the question: where is this train hauled by the diesel locomotive heading to and why?” he wonders.

Combat readiness tests continue in the Belarusian armed forces. They began in January on the order of Lukashenka.

During the first two months, the tests verified the readiness of control bodies and military units of the Belarusian part of the Belarusian-Russian united regional air defense system as well as territorial defense control bodies and units. The second phase began with tests to verify the readiness of the entire Belarusian-Russian regional air defense system.

The tests focus on checking the readiness of the weaponry and materiel for combat.