21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:06

Modernization Belarusian-style: Director-deputy got caught taking €48.000 bribe


Criminal charges have been brought against the director of the ‘Brest-Grasses’ private company.

Yesterday Lukashenka expressed discontent over the rates of the fight on corruption and the course of modernization. Here are the news facts. The press-service of Brest region executive committee’s police department informs: the organization of state procurement has been inspected in the region. Cases of machinations revealed.

The director of the ‘Brest-Grasses’ private company got caught, who is also a member of a village council of the 26th convocation.

- Being an official as well as a person, authorized to execute legally significant acts in due order, from July to September 2013 received a bribe from a Minsk resident, the manager of a German company’s affiliate, - they told onliner.by at police. – It amounted to 48.000 euro.

The money was intended to serve as a reward for favorably solving the issue of equipment supply. According to the president’s decree the corn-metering plant ‘Brest-Grasses’ is supposed to be modernized. State money was meant to be used to purchasing a drying complex for corncobs and 7 combines. This equipment was sold to the enterprise by the German partners after the director has received the reward.

The director has been arrested. A criminal case started.