21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:32

UCP offers to create a Belarusian Dis honour Board (Video)


A board of dishonor should be created in Belarus. Information about persons having direct connection with political repressions is to be placed there.

It has been stated by the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka on May 2 at a press-conference in Minsk, dedicated to the problem of preventive detentions of activists of democratic organisations of Belarus, BelaPAN informs.

As said by him, names of judges, policemen, heads of organisations harassing their subordinates (activists and members of democratic parties) and other persons are to be placed there. Besides, taking this board of dishonor as a source, Lyabedzka offers to create a “Belarusian list of persons who violate the Constitution, international commitments of Belarus, and on whom pinpoint sanctions should be imposed.”

According to the politician, this list could be helpful of the EU structures as well.

“When in September or October the European Union is once again to consider the issue of whether to continue pinpoint restrictions against some Belarusian officials and bureaucrats, they could take this list into account,” he said.

Human rights organisations and some “moral” could create this list. Political parties and public associations, as well as common citizens, could collect data for the board and the list.

In his turn, the co-chairman of the organising committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Vital Rymasheuski attracted attention to the fact that “many people responsible for repressions in the regions, show personal initiative without an order from higher authorities in the centre” in cases of brutal detentions, beating of people, psychological pressure, firing and other cases.