16 July 2019, Tuesday, 0:14
We are in the same boat

Gunman from Homiel prepares for storming Kyiv together with terrorists


There are Belarus citizens among the occupants of Donbas.

Journalists of Belsat TV channel found another conformation of that.

The terrorists in Donbas no longer conceal that there are not so many true Ukrainians among them. At the same time the number of Russian citizens, Caucasians from Chechnya and Osetia is growing. There are also Belarusians like a Homiel resident Anatol Mauchanau. He started taking part in the war against Ukraine in Crimea, received awards from the peninsula’s occupation authorities. Now he says he wants a medal “for taking Kyiv”.

“I stand for us living in the same country. For it to be like we have it in Belarus – in a single united Slavic family. I am against these divisions, the war of oligarchs”, - Anatol Mauchanau says.

Earlier many media reported of participation of gunmen from Belarus in the occupation of cities in Donbas. In particular, it was the Time that wrote on that, the journalist of which –Simon Shuster – was taken captive by gunmen in Slavyansk. He reports that apart from Russian citizens, there are representatives of other CIS countries in town. The journalist mentioned Belarus and Kazakhstan.