16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:13

83 Belarusian enterprises put up for sale


Investors are offered shares of business entities where the state has its stake in ownership.

It has been informed by the press-service of the State Committee on Property.

“Information about privatization in the Republic of Belarus and about investment opportunities of the country is to be offered by the Intergovernmental Belarusian-Austrian Commission on Trade and Economic cooperation. The Belarusian side offers to inform Austrian economic associations and unions about implementation of Belarusian privatization and about terms of foreign investors’ participation. The work on reforming the state property in Belarus has a goal-oriented and “pinpoint” nature, that is, the approach to privatization of each enterprise is individual,” the report reads.

As of today, the State Committee on Property is carrying out work on search of investors for privatization of shares’ portfolios of 83 business entities in different branches of industry, transport, communications and others. Parcels of shares from 10 joint-stock companies are offered for sale at auctions, 73 companies’ shares are offered on a competitive basis. Tender proposals’ conditions as a rule contain a buyer’s obligation on investments and modernization of works, fulfillment of certain social protection measures.

Such high net worth assets as a share in the authorised capital of MTS mobile network operator (51%) and the share of stocks (25%+1 share) in the authorised capital of Grodno Azot (at least $414 mln) are registered expressly.