23 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:59

Lukashenka threatens Kasiniec with dismissal


The ruler warned the chairman of Viciebsk region executive committee of the responsibility for not fulfilling the commitments taken.

Lukashenka made respective statements on 27 May at a meeting on the issues of forage production and increasing stock-raising efficiency, BelTA reports.

He asked the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, what the greatest concern was in the forage procurement process. Leanid Zajac emphasized that however hard it is, the first hay harvest must necessarily be finished by 5-7 June.

“We must all get engaged, solve the issue of fuel, speak with machine operators, forbid vacations, working trips, use the equipment to the fullest time possible”, - the minister said.

Separately Leanid Zajac pointed out the low pace of forage harvesting in Viciebsk region, where, according to the ministry, only about 2% had been harvested.

“So when will you harvest?” – Lukashenka asked the governor of Viciebsk region Aliaksandr Kasiniec.

“We have started harvesting. There are early-maturing, mid-season and late grasses. We have 48 thousands hectares of the early-maturing. We will have harvested them by 1 June. The mid-season grasses – by 7 June. The late grasses we harvest by 15 June”, - the governor reported.

“If he does not harvest the grasses in Viciebsk region by 15 June, this will mean these are his last days, - Lukashenka emphasized. – If it is not done – a draft law on my table. One must be responsible for one’s words. One must be responsible for everything, first of all for the personnel”.

The Prime-Minister also spoke on the personnel issue.

“The personnel in Viciebsk region, I am speaking of the chairmen of district executive committees and the heads of farms, start going brazen, harping about rights. We can observe some parasitism with the personnel in Mahilou region. I assume that somewhat passive are the officials in Homiel and Brest regions”, - Mikhail Miasnikovich said.