20 January 2018, Saturday, 23:57

Riot policeman beats up 16-year old at Korn concert


Concert going ended up in a hospital bed for Paviel Panamarenka.

Salidarnasc looked into the details of the incident.

For Paviel Panamarenka going to the concert of the Korn and Soulfly bands in Minsk on 17 May at Minsk Sports Palace ended up in a hospital bed. Doctors diagnosed him with brain concussion. Paviel claims, he got struck by a riot policeman. The parents brought up charges, demanding to punish the guilty.

Paviel had a ticket to the dance floor, he was right by the stage, near the fence. In the concert turmoil the young man was pushed in the back several times.

- You know, how it goes at such concerts. They all push there. I was pushed two or three times, so I moved the fence. The riot policeman, who stood by, made remarks twice. Then he came close, grabbed me by the T-shirt and stroke with his head in the face, - he told.

Paviel emphasizes that before that he did not have any immediate contact with the policeman. When he was pushed into the fence, and it moved, it did not touch the riot policeman.

“We will drown you in the river, unless you stop twitching”

The young man kept his head and started demanding of the policeman to say his name and surname:

- The riot policeman did not name himself. He asked, what I needed it for. I said, I was going to report to the head of the security after the concert.

According to Paviel, they were approached by another (of a senior rank), and listened to him. After that the riot policemen consulted, and the senior one suggested to come outside for a talk.

- At first, I did not want to go outside, but then I agreed. There was come high police official there.

Paviel says, he told the official of what had happened. After that the young man was suggested to take a medical examination. He said, he would not go anywhere without his parents:

- Then they just grabbed me and pulled into the car. I tried to break away, kicked. One of the riot policemen said that unless I stopped, they would drown me in the river.

“They called and said to take the son”

At first Paviel was taken to the police department of the Central district for a letter of referral. Then to the medical examination, after which they brought him back to the police station. According to him, they only allowed to call parents at midnight. The incident with the policemen took place shortly after nine.

- I received a call from a cellphone, they told to come to police station to pick up son, - Andrej Panamarenka, the young man’s father tells. – I asked them to put son on the phone, but the policeman claimed he was using his personal phone and was not obliged to pass it. I told them to give the number of the police station, and then he passed the phone. Son immediately started speaking of what had happened, after which the phone was taken from him.

Parents were not in town at the moment. It was grandmother, who went for him to the police station. Approximately at 2 a.m. Paviel felt sick. It was only then that they called an ambulance.

- Paviel’s father says.

He brought charges on son’s beating. He also appealed to the city police department, asking to take control over the case.

- We will see, what comes out of it. They told me that a case was started on this. It is in the Central district Investigatory Committee’s jurisdiction.

Andrej Panamarenka says that he still does not know, which of the riot policemen stroke his son.

On 23 May Paviel was discharged from the hospital, now he is under a doctor’s supervision.