22 January 2018, Monday, 3:12

Yury Rubtsou lost 39 kg


Yury Rubtsou, an activist from Homel, is at hospital after a 30-day hunger strike.

A Radio Svaboda correspondent visited the activist at hospital.

Activist Yury Rubtsou, 52, was taken to hospital after two terms in custody in Minsk and Homel and 30 days of a hunger strike. He was arrested for wearing a t-shirt with the text “Lukashenka, go away” at opposition rallies.

Yury Rubtsou said:

“What happened to me may happen to any citizen of Belarus, whom a police chief doesn't like. The police detain him and he disappears. Neither relatives or a lawyer knows about it. It violates human rights. None of citizens of Belarus is safe from it.”

Yadviha, Yury Rubtsou's wife, said her husband had lost 39 kilogrammes during the hunger strike.

“He hasn't eaten for 30 days. He is dying. He has ulcers. He looks like a man from a concentration camp. He is at hospital. We called an ambulance just after we found him.”

Rubtsou was detained by the police in Minsk on April 26 after the Chernobyl Way rally. He wore a t-shirt with the text “Lukashenka, go away” and “Arrest me. Grounds? I am against Lukashenka?”

Minsk's Savetski district court found him guilty of “failure to obey orders of an official” and “disorderly conduct”. He was sentenced to 25 days in custody on April 28. Rubtsou went on hunger strike as a protest.

On the evening of May 21, Rubtsou was released from the detention centre and taken to the central railway station in Minsk. He got on a train to Homel. The police detained him again in Homel. On May 22, the Chyhunachny district court sentenced him to 5 days in custody for failure to obey police officers and swearing in a public place. Rubtsou went on a hunger strike again.

So, his hunger strike lasted for 30 days.