16 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:18

People deprived of parental rights to be jailed for absence from work


Belarus is ready to arrest people for being absent from work.

The initiative was proposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The measure is supposed to hit the so called liable persons. The bill us being considered by the “house of representatives” and may come into force soon, Belsat TV reports.

Liable persons are the people deprived of parental rights. Their children live in orphanages. The states uses different means to make such parents pay for their children's education if they don't want to take care of them.

The decree “On additional measures of state protection of children in troubled families” took force in 2006. According to official statistics, since 2012, all people deprived of parental rights, which is about 5,000 people, found jobs. One of the most effective methods was to arrest them for avoidance of employment, but the problem wasn't solve completely. Some negligent parents formally work, but find different ways not to appear at work. The Interior Ministry decided to tighten the law and arrest employees for absence from work.

According to the ministry. 99% of persons with a police record are employed, but one fifth of them don't actually work. Other changes relate to the age of creating police records for the minors. “Difficult teens” can have police records since the age of 10. If oral explanations don't work, children can be sent to a correctional or medical facility at the age of 11.

A more radical idea – fining all unemployed people – was put forward by Lukashenka, but his initiative hasn't been implemented, though it may be fulfilled later.