16 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:29

Belarus and Russia to have unrests after Maidan


The current events in Abkhazia prove the thesis.

The opinion was expressed by Ukrainian politologist Viktor Nebozhenko, NR-Ukraine reports.

“I already forecast that not only Putin would face Maidan protests. After the events in Ukraine, other states, such as Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will inevitably expect unrests. The outburst in Abkhazia, where Putin behaved in the same rude manner as in Crimea and interfered with internal affairs of another state, is, in fact, the first internal Maidan for Russia. Similar unrests will spread to the rest of Russia,” the expert said.

Nebozhenko thinks that after Putin's rude interference with Ukrainian affairs the Kremlin will get a sort of three “fronts” – Ukrainian, Caucasian and Syrian.

“Putin acts so rude that he receives riots in Abkhazia. Then Caucasus will rebel... After that the situation in Karabakh will escalate, when Armenia joins the Customs Union. Economic problems of the region won't be solved, so people will take to streets and the situation will aggravate,” the politologist is confident.

Nebozhenko forecasts that Putin may see destabilisation on a large area this autumn: “Maidan-like protests will hit the whole territory from the Volga region and Astrakhan to Ingushetia. This is not the result of the external pressure on Russia or an external plot. This is the result of Putin's awkward and voluntarist internal approach. He should not have interfered in Crimea.”