23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:08

Policemen stole Guy Fawkes mask and fridge magnets from activists


Homiel Young Front activists for three months have not been able to find and return their belonging that police confiscated at detention.

On 22 February Andrej Cianiuta and Stanislau Bulla, as well as an activist of the Our Alternative coalition Natalia Kryvashej were detained by police, as they were holding an event to commemorate the victims of Kyiv’s Euromaidan. They laid flowers to the Zero kilometer sing, lit candles and for that were detained by police. At the Central district’s police department police confiscated a photo camera, memory hard drives, fridge magnets, ribbons and a Guy Fawkes mask. A confiscation protocol was composed, which was attached to the administrative case materials, the human rights center Viasna reports.

On 17 April the court of Homiel’s Central district found the activists guilty of “violating the procedure of holding a mass event” and punished them with a warning.

In the meanwhile the young people still have not got their belongings back.

Natalia Kryvashej appealed to the Central police department in Homiel in order for them to return their property. She received a response, saying that the confiscated things were passed to the court of the Central district together with the administrative protocol. When the activist addressed the court, they responded that police send them nothing apart from the administrative protocol. On 28 May Natalia Kryvashej appealed on this matter to Homiel prosecutor’s office. She hopes that the prosecutor’s office will look into the case and find the “lost property”.

“May be the policemen like the Guy Fawkes so much that they decided to keep it?” – the activist noted.