18 January 2018, Thursday, 16:34

Extortions in Palesse natural reserve: Buy lottery ticket or you will be fired


Employees of the natural resort are indignant at forcible extortions.

Staffers of the Palesse State Radiation and Ecological Reserve have sent a letter to the editorial office of charter97.org website. They inform that after the Ice Hockey World Championship “another unashamed extortion started”.

“This month every forester, head of a division, has been given a stack of lottery tickets (each of them costs 10000 BYR) with a strict order to sell 3 tickets to each worker urgently. The money is to be collected by 1.06.2014 by S.V. Titok. If an employee refuses, he or she should be put on notice, and by any means expelled from the reserve. A labour contract should not be prolonged with such a “rebel”. The head of planning and economy department of the reserve S.V. Titok demonstrates strange interest and active participation in this distribution of little papers. There are more than 700 workers at the reserve. More than 21 mln rubles are to be paid by employees for these unimportant pieces of cardboard. The organizer of the lottery is a well-known unitary enterprise “Belarusian lotteries”. We would not be surprised if tomorrow we would be force to buy tickets of the state lottery scam Sportloto.”

But this is not the whole story. Our viewers inform that another way of extortion is allegedly addressed to disabled persons, though it looks dubious and is not confirmed.

“A strange Xerox copy of a paper had been brought into the division of forestry. It had not been certified by anyone. This paper is aimed for another money-sucking. As it turned out, we should give money for the Republican Association of wheelchair persons. The sum is indocated. But any villain can print out such a paper. There are many of them. One just have to take money, tear the paper, put the money into one’s pocket, and the prosecutor’s office will say nothing.

Clean-up days, Red Cross, mythic sick children, concerts are yet to come (concerts are compulsory, and each one must buy a ticket), and there is no end to such events. We are sick and tired of plans, orders and threats, when we are told to collect waste paper, cloth waste. We bring our last old trousers, linen and books, just to reach the target. We are not given money for that, but someone is given this money?..”

Besides, viewers from Khojniki say that contracts with workers are written cunningly: in a unilateral way, without considering employees’ wishes. Any possibilities to receive dismissal wage and minimal compensation for deteriorated legal state of a worker when one does not want to continue work in the reserve are ruled out. Here is an example: “Dear Mr Ivanou, the administration of the Palesse State Radiation and Ecological Reserve warns you that a decision has been taken to prolong the labour contract with you for one year since 01.01.2014 till 31.12.2014. In case of your denial the contract is to be cancelled on 31.12.2013 in connection with expiry (Part 2 Article 35 of the Labour Code of Belarus, without dismissal wage and minimal compensation for deterioration of the legal state of the worker.)

It is by no means the first time of such complaints received by our editorial office: earlier this month we informed about extortions at the Belarusian railway company.