20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:20

Miasnikovich orders ministers to participate in hay making


Officials were sent to fields to control hay harvesting.

“Working groups formed on the order of PM Mikhail Miasnikovich will control the hay making process,” Interfax news agency has learnt from the government press service.

The working group in the Brest region will be headed by deputy PM Anatoli Kalinin, in the Vitebsk region – deputy PM Piotr Prakapovich, in the Homel region – first deputy PM Uladzimir Siamashka. Minister of energy Uladzimir Patupchyk appointed head of the working group in the Hrodna region, deputy PM Anatoli Tozik – in the Minsk region and first deputy minister of agriculture and food Leanid Marynich – in the Mahilou region.

The working groups will control the process and ensure that it complies with the recommendations of scientists of the Belarusian National Academy of Science and with laboratory feed control.

“Members of the working groups should regularly visit fields, including weekends, public holidays and non-working hours. Heads of the groups should immediately react to the revealed facts of failure to comply with regulations, rules and process discipline. The guilty officials will face disciplinary sanctions, up to removal from office,” the press service informs.

The prime minister again emphasised that “head and deputy heads, relative specialists of district executive committees and farms should cancel their holidays and business trips abroad for a period of fodder conservation.”