23 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:59

Belarusians to be left without imported beer


Only 10% of imported beer will remain in Belarusian stores.

According to a source of onliner.by, the Ministry of Trade has increased its activity in replacing imported goods with domestic ones. A new ban on foreign beer is unlikely to be imposed in the near future, but its share may be reduced to 10%. According to the source, the restrictions will hit stores with the state's share.

“Stores in the Minsk region reduce the number of orders for beer from other regions,” the source says. “Businessmen are being pressed and hinted that their licences won't be prolonged.”

The promotion of domestic goods was the main topic of discussion at the latest meeting of the Ministry of Trade.

“Unfortunately, don't all retail chains have a wide variety of Belarusian goods on their shelves. There are not enough retail spaces for domestic goods,” the official press release of the ministry says.

Officials turned attention to the fact that among all regions Minsk has the lowest sales of home-produced goods. According to the National Statistics Committee, the share of domestic goods sold by retail stores of the Belarusian capital was 58% in the first quarter of 2014 (the same share in the republic was 69.4%), including food, drinks and tobacco (74.5% against 81.4% in the republic) and non-food items (40% against 52.8% in the republic).

The department of trade and services and the main department of consumer market of the Minsk city executive committee were ordered to take measures to increase the volume of domestic goods in Minsk retail stores.

Deputy PM Piotr Prakapovich yesterday raised the question of strengthening control over the quality of imported goods at a meeting to discuss problems of small and medium-sized business.

“The State Standartisation Committee, the Healthcare Ministry, sanitary services and other agencies have a task to strengthen control over the quality of imported goods. They [businessmen] claim the goods have high quality, but checks show it's not always true. But they sell these goods all the same. So, we have tightened the regulations. Low-quality products should disappear from our shelves,” the deputy PM said.

According to Piotr Prakapovich, it will give an additional impulse to Belarusian manufacturers.

Photo: alternativaby.com