20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:22

Alyaksei Yanukevich: EAEU creation to spur Belarusians to emigrate


The Eurasian Economic Union is a threat to prosperity and independence of Belarus.

It has been stated by the leader of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Alyaksei Yanukevich.

“Participation of the Republic of Belarus in this another integration formation does not correspond Belarusian national interests,” the politician said in the statement published by the press-service of the party. “The Eurasian Economic Union can do damage to the national economy of Belarus and deliver a painful blow on the well-being of all our fellow countrymen. Only the economy of Russia which is to get access to Belarusian labour force and economic resources, is to gain from that. The aggressive Russian oligarchic capital, which is the weapon in the hands of the modern Russian imperialism, can destroy Belarusian national business.”

The leader of the BPF party believes that the experience of functioning of the Customs Union shows that the Belarusian government and representatives of the Republic of Belarus in the organs of integration formations are not able to defend interests of Belarusian business and Belarusian consumers.

“Through these structures unfavourable trade restrictions, serving the interests of Russia only, are imposed on our country,” Yanukevich is convinced. “Under a smokescreen of slogans about the single space for workforce movement, unqualified and cheap hands from the East will be attracted to Belarus, which poses a threat of job cuts, salaries reduction, and would stimulate Belarusians to emigrate in search of job.”

He has also stressed that the Eurasian Union is yet another step in surrender of national sovereignty elements of the Republic of Belarus.

“The Eurasian Union is a union of undemocratic regimes, so Belarus’ participation in it is a means of conservation of the authoritarian regime in our country,” Yanukevich said. “Absence of popular rule, violations of human rights, rigging election results and manipulation by the will of people with the aim to secure inalterability of the authoritarian rule are the mainstays of the Eurasian Union. Appropriately, the Eurasian Union is to hinder development of democracy in every possible way.”

According to the politician, the European path of development, serve the national interests of Belarus and Belarusian nation, not the Asian one.

“Integration to Europe means stable and technology intensive development, modernization, growth of economy, growth of wellbeing and European living standards, reinforcement independence guarantees and development of democracy,” Yanukevich stressed. “The Eurasian Union means stagnation and depression in economy, drop in the living standards to the level of the last century, existing in Central Asia, seizure of the labour market by labour migrants from Asian countries, a lottery of control over the best enterprises of the country, conservation of the undemocratic regime and ineffective system of economic management.”