23 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:55

Tozik: “Serfdom law” – it’s normal


Vice Prime Minister is trying to put rural dwellers' mind at ease.

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoly Tozik urges not to fear the decree on “serfdom” which is being prepared, Interfax informs.

“There would not be anything fearful in this decree,” Tozik said to journalists on Friday in Minsk. He is one of the authors of this document.

We remind that during the recent working visit to Minsk region the Belarusian dictator stated that a draft decree is being prepared, which is to outlaw dismissal from employment to workers of agribusiness.

“I am raising the question harshly as I have a decree on my table, and I spoke about it earlier. Yesterday it was put on my table, and it is about “serfdom law”, let’s have it straight,” Lukashenka stated.