22 January 2018, Monday, 7:43

General Prosecutor Office is going to arrest the directors of large enterprises.


Belarusian officials are to become participants of new criminal cases.

Chief State Prosecutor of Belarus Aliaksandr Kanyuk admits that a number of criminal cases can be started against directors of companies basing on the inspection results of tax authorities actions made by General Prosecutor Office and State Control Office, Interfax news agency reports.

“We have checked both the rejected tax materials and the criminal cases that are being held in connection with evasion of the taxes payment. Thea have been corrected already. And I do not except the fact that new cases will be opened”, - Kanyuk reported to journalists on Friday in Minsk, summarizing the results of joint sitting of General Prosecutor Office and the State Control of Committee on the questions of legality in tax sphere.

According to his report, directors of companies, including commercial ones, can face the responsibility. Apart from that, as General Prosecutor admitted, “milliards of rubles are involved”.

He stated that “unfortunately, evasion of tax payment attempts exists everywhere”. “Our aim is to stop them”, - Kanyuk said. He also admitted that “legislation is to be improved” as “legal sphere sages in this case”.

“There are problems in on time tax collection and legal reasons, related to legitimacy gap. It is so-called computational method of tax calculation. We are to establish order in this sphere”, - the Prosecutor admitted.

He added that mentality of absolute tax payment hasn`t been formed yet although “the most severe crime in the world is evasion of tax payment”.

We remind that under so-called combatting corruption and “ineffective funds spending” heads of large enterprises, such as “Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Societies”, “Borisovdrev” have been placed under arrest.