20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:17

Russia is prepared to invade NATO member countries


This warning has been made by the head of the NATO parliamentary assembly.

Russia has sanctioned the use of military force not only in Ukraine but also in other countries with Russian minorities, Hugh Bayley, president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA NATO), has warned, ru.Delfi.lt informs.

At the session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Vilnius on Friday, Bayley reminded about the Russian Duma’s decision in February to give President Vladimir Putin the powers to use military force in Ukraine. As said by him, it was a decision allowing the use of force not only in Ukraine but also in any other country, including NATO member countries.

Bayley said he had discussed the issue back in February with Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“I reminded him that President Putin and Russian MPs had said they deserve the right to use force not only in Ukraine but in other countries with Russian-speaking minorities. I asked Mr. Grushko where Russia’s aggression would end, but he gave no answer to that crucial question,” the NATO PA president said.

Addressing participants of the session, Bayley also reminded them of the decision a month ago to strip Russia of the status of an associate country.

Mr Bayley has also said Europe and NATO countries “must help Ukraine to get rid of energy dependency from Russia”.

On Friday the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly started in the Seimas of Lithuania. It hosts over 600 participants from the 28 NATO member countries, NATO PA associated members, regional partners, delegations of the European Parliament and various international organizations’ representatives.