17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:21

Minsk hospitals disown Instagram scandal


An enquiry has been carried out after pictures from a delivery room of one of clinic hospitals of Minsk were posted on Instangam.

“A check has been made, none of the representatives of Minsk clinical hospitals recognized either their operating theatre, or the girl who made pictures,” an informed source in medical circles told to Interfax-Zapad agency.

At the same time, as said by the interlocutor of the agency, “there are preliminary reports that the clinic that has come into focus, is not situated in Minsk, but outside the capital.”

We remind that the scandal broke after an Instagram account of a Belarusian nurse became a focus of interest. She posted a picture of a woman in labour. Russian media reported that the pictures had been made in the emergency hospital of Minsk.

Meanwhile, the chief nurse of the Emergency hospital of Minsk Svyatlana Balaboko refuted these reports that the pictures had been made in their hospital. “We do not have a maternity department. We do not make operations pictured there. So such things could not happen here,” she said. “As for the pictures of the girl herself, we do not have such an employee in our hospital. This young woman on the photo had never worked in our clinic. And it should be a mistake that the main entrance to our hospital is placed on this internet account,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, a number of Belarusian internet sources propagated the news that the mother on the pictures recognized herself and her family are discussing whether to sue the hospital for violation of a patient’s confidentiality and invasion of privacy.