23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:22

Norwegian politicians denied entry to Belarus


Two Norwegian politicians denied entry to Belarus right on the border.

It has been reported by the press-service of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party (BCD).

The incident took place on May 8. The leader of the Norwegian Young Christian Democrats (Kristelig Folkepartis Ungdom, KrFU) Emil André Erstad and the international advisor of the organisation, Line Nordhaug landed in Vilnius, and then took a train to Minsk. Belarusian border guards didn’t allow them to enter the county, though they had tickets for a game between German and Kazakh teams, which is to take place on May 10. Norwegian citizens were got off the train. They were taken to the train back to Vilnius. They were told that they are on the list of persons who are banned entry to Belarus.

“I cannot imagine what threat the regime could see in the young Norwegian politicians. But one fine day the democracy is to win. I know that, and Lukashenka knows that too. Probably that’s why he is scared,” Emil André Erstad commented on the situation. He was denied entry to Belarus in 2012 already.

On March 7 a Swedish citizen Martin Uggla, the leader of a human rights organisation Östgruppe, was denied entry to Belarus. He was stopped in the transit zone of Minsk national airport. Uggla was told entry to Belarus is forbidden to him.

In Belarus the former presidential candidates Mikalai Statkevich, Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski and 7 more political prisoners stay behind the bars. Besides, over the last two weeks policemen detained more than 20 activists of opposition. Human rights activists link the arrests with the Ice Hockey World Championship held in Minsk.