18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:35

General Fralou: Number of Russian bases in Belarus to increase


Military integration within the Eurasian Economic Union will lead to the increased presence of Russian troops in Belarus.

General Fralou said it in an interview with charter97.org commenting on Lukashenka's statement that the EEU moves to political and military integration and the CSTO will become the union's military body.

– Does it mean that Belarusians will serve in the Ural region or, for example, in southern Kazakhstan and Russians and Kazakhs will serve in Belarus?

– I think we should not take this remark so close to heart. In my opinion, every soldier will serve in his country even within the union.

– In this case, how will the military integration within the EEU go?

– It is too early to speak about the form [of the military integration]. I think Lukashenka, Putin and Nazarbayev will have plenty of meetings to discuss and decide how to conduct the integration. As an independent state, Belarus can hardly exist without any allies.

– Will a deeper military integration within the Eurasian Economic Union lead to the increased presence of Russian troops in our country?

– I think the number of Russian military bases in Belarus will grow, but it will be a gradual process. If the Americans actively increase their military presence in western and eastern Europe, Russia will probably make appropriate steps. In general, troops are mobile now. They can change locations easily.