18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:22

UCP activist gets 5-day term in custody for Freedom Day


Antos Zhylko came to a detention centre in Akrestsin Street to serve a term for handing out leaflets on Freedom Day.

On June 9, Antos Zhylko came to the detention centre voluntary to serve the 5-day term in accordance with the decision of Minsk's Partyzanski district court of March 24. He was punished for handing out invitations to a meeting with voters and leaflets on Freedom Day.

It is a rare case, when the activist was sentenced to a term in custody, but wasn't arrested in the courtroom, because Zhylko had the legal status of a candidate in the local council election, the press service of the United Civil Party (UCP) reports.

He made two attempts to serve his term, because it's uncomfortable to live with a constant threat of being detained at any moment. However, the staff of the detention centre postponed the detention after consultations with an unknown person.

The activist was finally allowed to serve the sentence on June 9.

The court found him guilty of violating the rules of organising and holding mass events (article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offences).