22 January 2018, Monday, 9:06

Warning issued to journalist for cooperation with foreign mass media


An independent journalist Maxim Khlyabets has been warned for cooperation with foreign mass media without accreditation.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Brest he was told that the grounds for issuing the warning were two articles posted at the website of Radio Racyja (Belarusian service).

- I was there for literally 10 minutes. Prosecutor Bakhareva handed to me the official warning for two articles posted at Radio Racyja website. These articles are called: “Spring will be invited to the city over Bug” and “World Day of Poetry celebrated in Brest”. They were posted in March last year. I signed the warning for contributing to independent mass media without accreditation,” the journalist said.

After consultations with human rights defenders Maxim Khlyabets is to decide whether he is to challenge issuing the warning or not.

In April 2014 the independent journalist Maxim Khlyabets (was interrogated by policemen as a witness in an administrative case). However during interrogation he was not asked about the case, but about his professional activities. In the end of the conversation policemen offered cooperation with them to the journalist: they offered to share information they need. He refused.