20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:21

Belarus still does not plan to transit to winter time


It will be considered after the law on daylight-savings finally adopted in Russia.

In this way the situation with transition to winter time has been commented on to charter97.org by the press-service of GosStandart (the State Committee for Standardization and Metrology).

“At the moment the issue of changing the accepted procedure of time calculating is not considered by Belarus. Certainly we are following the situation in Russia concerning this issue, and it has been put on watch. For today the final decision has not been taken, the draft law has been approved in the first reading only. A working group has been set up, it is to study this situation in depth. So we do not have any reasons to speak about any changes in our country. Let us discuss that when the decision is taken,” the spokesperson of GosStandart Tamara Bordukevich said.

We remind that winter time was annulled in Russia in autumn 2011, and Belarus followed this decision.