18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:53

Homel resident opened currency exchange office at home


Officers of the organised crime department of Homel's Savetski district police department found 320 million rubles in a flat of a Homel resident.

The woman opened an illegal currency exchange office at home. Most of her clients were businessman, who wanted to buy or sell large amounts of foreign cash. Deals could reach 15,000 dollars, the local newspaper Sovetski Rayon writes.

A criminal case for illegal business activity was opened against the woman.

“Besides criminal punishment, illegal currency trading is be punished with administrative sanctions,” Andrei Baranets, a deputy head of the Savetski district police department, said. “People who use the services of illegal currency traders can be fined up to 100 penalty units, and the subject of the offence can be seized.”

The organised crime department has revealed three offences relating to illegal currency trading this year. More than 350 million rubles were confiscated.