19 January 2018, Friday, 16:37

No wages for workers of “Strommashyna” plant in Mahilyou for 2 months


Last time workers were paid wages in March.

Charter97.org website has been informed about that by our visitor Andrei. As said by him, everyone in Mahilyou knows about this situation, and he had not seen his salary of 2.5 mln of Belarusian rubles since April.

“I work as an engineer at “Strommashina” plant in Mahilyou since February 2014. I received my full salary only in March, and it was given in increments. The net salary is about 2 mln, but it is paid chaotically, 400 thousand or 1 million a time. At the plant everybody has the same situation, so people quit are or they are fired. Wages are cut all the time. Mogilevtransmash plant and Kirov plant are almost in the same situation. In general, the engineering industry in Mahilyou is “on its knees.”

I do not know the total number of people who quit, but I am judging by the number of workers in our shop. There were 20-30 persons there once, and machines were working, but now there are from 2 to 4 persons in a huge shop. I sometimes talk to our highest administration and I am in the picture. The authorities know about that, but no one reacts. A criminal case was opened against the current plant manager,” Andrei told.

However representatives of the plant claim that the wages for May have been paid to workers some of these days. It has been stated by the deputy managing director on economy of “Strommashina” Ruslan Strakhar.

“Yes, it’s true, there have been back pay, but wages have been already paid now. Now wages for May have been paid. And your visitor who had informed about the back pay, is most likely to have received it already.”

However, facts are ambiguous. When we asked our reader whether he had received salary recently, he said: “We have a day off today, and yesterday we had not received April pay.”

We remind that we (have informed about the problems at the enterprise). The number of orders and the demand to the products of the plant “Strommashina” in Mahilyou has decreased greatly. It has caused warehouse stock, and the plant had to stand idle. In early April a worker of the plant made the administration of the plant pay Br 13 mln of penal sanctions, while a criminal case on corruption charges has been opened against the director general of “Strommashina”.

Photo: wikimapia.org