21 January 2022, Friday, 8:49
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Yanukovich looking for shelter in Belarus

Yanukovich looking for shelter in Belarus

The fugitive Ukrainian ruler may be hiding in Minsk.

Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Nayyem wrote it on Facebook.

According to the journalist, Viktor Yanukovych's son holds negotiations with Belarusian dictator Lukashenko.

“Viktor Yunuikovych seems to stop trusting Vladimir Putin.

Viktor Yanukovych family is said to be looking for shelter in Belarus. Viktor Yanukovych's son held consultations on the issue during a telephone conversation with president of Belarus Aliaksandr Lukashenka last week.”

According to the journalist, Yanukovych junior apprehends his father can become a bargaining chip in a political dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow.

“There is, allegedly, a probability that the former president can be given up to the official Ukrainian authorities as a result of multilateral agreements.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka gave to understand in response that he thinks the former president should return to Ukraine, but if Viktor Yanukovych insists on moving to Belarus, he is ready to give him and his family asylum,” Nayyem wrote.

Yanykovych junior is reported to say that if the developments are positive, Viktor Yanukovych may head the new state – Novorossiya, consisting of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

“I'd like to emphasise again that the information come from one source, but I trust him enough to make this information public,” the journalist wrote.