17 January 2018, Wednesday, 22:33

“Victim of Donbas bombings” appears to be character of Belarusian film

Another fake photo of the Russian media was exposed.

A photo, which was allegedly made in a town in eastern Ukraine, appeared on social networking websites some days ago. It depicts a crying little girl sitting near a dead body in the street. The picture, which was later shown on Russian TV channels, was called an illustration of the “atrocities of the Ukrainian army”. The child in the picture was called a “victim of bombings” in Slovyansk or Donetsk.

However, journalists found the original photo.

The mythical “victim of Donetsk bombings” appeared to be a character of the Belarusian movie Brest Fortress. Russian propagandists represented a photo from the film as a picture made in eastern Ukraine.

The movie was shot in 2010.