17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:24

Lukashenka falls victim to prank? (Audio)


Unidentified phone wag played a prank on the Belarusian dictator.

It is the Euromaidan blog that says that the recording was made by a joker, however there is not mention of the prank on the blogs of two famous phone wags (Evgeniy Volnov and Vovan222 are named).

Judging from the recording, the joker phoned Lukashenka and, having introduced himself as the son of the runaway Ukraine’s former president, asked whether Viktor Yanukovych could move from Russia to Belarus. Today it has been posted on the internet. It was exactly that recording that a famous Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Nayem referred to on his Facebook account, having said that Viktor Yanukovych did not rule out moving from Russia to Belarus.

The wag reached the aide, who, in his turn, connected him to a person, whose voice and the manner of speaking are identical to the voice and speaking pattern of the Belarusian dictator.

“What I wanted to speak of… On the matter that father’s situation is not very good, you understand. Could the issue be solved – this is a back-up plan – by moving to you for some time, should that be necessary?” – the joker asked during the phone conversation on behalf of Yanukovych junior.

In response, Lukashenka assured that the former Ukraine ruler could come to Belarus at any time.

“You, probably, missed my public statement on this matter, when in Kyiv journalists started asking me of Yanukovych: would you provide him with an asylum etc. He, you know, did not ask me for that, firstly. Secondly, he is not a runaway and he is not going to run anywhere. And thirdly, I said, do not forget that his origins are from Belarus up to his village being there. Because, if he decides to come back to his village forever, which is unlikely, I will not dare to object”, - Lukashenka responded.

The dictator noted that he did not have the right to forbid Yanukovych from coming to “his own land”. To that the assumed Yanukovych junior pointed out that the former president’s close circles were worried that he could become a change coin in a political game and in a certain situation he could get extradite to Ukraine. “I am afraid, they may deal with him shortly with no trial or investigation”, - he added.

The dictator claimed his confidence that the former ruler of Ukraine was not guilty of shooting the people in the Maidan.

“This contradicts my principles: there may be no reprisal of Yanukovych. They should thank him for not turning their heads off. What Yanukovych did not do, he never order to shoot people. If he opened fire, there would be no one after 10 shots. So that is lies”. – Lukashenka claimed.

The ruler gave a piece of advice to Yanukovych the father.

“Let us do the following: you tell Viktor Yanukovych to watch the TV and read newspapers less. Secondly, if he wants to come to Belarus – at any time. You only tell me a day before. You can come with the family, or he can come alone – as he decides”, - he added.

In the course of the conversation the wag promised to present Lukashenka with a golden bread loaf as a sign of friendship. He pointed out that despite the residence “was robbed”, they “still had some things”.