23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:25

Sole traders: Goods at markets to go up by 40%


The respite until March 1, 2015, offered to sole traders, will not solve problems of small business.

Charter97.org website has been told about that by the chairman of “Perspektiva” republican public organisation’s council Anatol Shumchanka.

“On June 30 in the conference-hall of Hotel “Belarus”, which admits 250 persons, we plan to hold a republican forum of sole traders. We are doing that in order to discuss our problems and make proposals to authorities in order to solve the situation we have today. The case is that the permission to sell stock in trade until March 1, 2015 is not a solution of this problem and it could not be called a concession. A sole trader, who left his house and is carrying his goods, must have all invoices, waybills, which confirm that the goods had been bought legally. And in case the vehicle is stopped even by a traffic policeman, and there would be no such documents, the goods will be confiscated. For some time the permission to sell the stock certainly makes the life of a sole trader easier. But it is not a panacea for all woes,” Shumchanka stated.

The leader of “Perspektiva” noted that the forum of sole traders is just a part of the strategy of sole traders for their rights.

“Now we are going to stage forums very often, as we need to show our commitment and create a platform for consolidation and expressing of the views of small businessmen,” he added.

According to Shumchanka, “if the problem between sole traders and the authorities would not be resolved now, Belarusians are going to take out of the country more than $3 bn, as Lukashenka says, but $10 bn.”

“And they are going to take money to Russia, near Smolensk, not to the EU. Russians are sure to adapt very quickly, when they we have problems in selling goods. Certificates and all that mean that goods are to go up by at least 30-40%. That is why Belarusian sole traders will grow poor, and our citizens will rush to buy consumer goods in Russia,” believes one of the leaders of entrepreneurs movement of Belarus.

We remind that according to the directive of the government, the term by which the stock of the goods having no Customs Union Technical Regulations certificate and which have been imported to Belarus before July 1, 2014, is to be sold, was extended till March 1, 2015.