19 January 2018, Friday, 10:13

Prankster Vovan: It was security service that leaked my conversation with Lukashenka on the internet


The Russian prankster confirmed that he had played a prank on the dictator.

He wrote a post about that on his VKontakte page.

New: Prankster Vovan gave an interview to the charter97.org.

“So, everyone knows already about my prank with Aliaksandr Lukashenka. But few know that it was a real surprise to me, since I did not post it on the internet.

The conversation with Aliaksandr Lukashenka took place on Saturday 14 June. After that I decided to wait on posting it, since I wanted to speak to Lukashenka once again in a couple days. I was very surprised, when on Monday night I saw a post on Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Nayem’s Facebook with practically word-to-word retelling of my conversation with Lukashenka. Nayem described it as real negotiations between Lukashenka and Yanukovych. The journalist got the information from a certain “source that he trusts”, - the prankster wrote.

On Monday morning there was the recording of the conversation posted on the web-site of one of the Ukrainian media.

“What a surprise! In the original take it was all presented as if this is not a prank, but a real conversation between Viktor Yanukovych the junior and Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The quality of the recording is very good, better than mine. What is most important, judging by the start of the conversation, it starts recording before I picked up the phone, when Lukashenka’s aide called (it was not me, who called the president, but it was the aide, who put Lukashenka on the line), so the recording from the media was not made by me. Coming from that is a surprising, but logical conclusion that someone tapped Lukashenka.

Probably, Ukrainian Security Service or western security service. These “listeners” made a mistake – they did not get it that it was not Yanukovych’s son speaking with Lukashenka, and took the conversation for real.

After that they, probably, leaked the recording to the authorities in Kyiv, while those, having not understood the catch, publicized the “sensational” conversation via journalist Nayem, who is close to them. This is what I pointed at to Lukashenka’s aides, when I called them on Monday and asked about the leak of the conversation to the net. Now I am posting my call to Lukashenka and the other one to his aides. It is not the unidentified wiretapped recording that was published on the internet on Monday”, - he pointed out.

As a result, Lukashenka’s aide suggested that the prankster, who again introduced himself as Yanukovych’s son, would meet the dictator in person.