17 January 2018, Wednesday, 5:56

Agentura.ru editor: It is most easy for Russian secret services to tap Lukashenka


It could be Russian secret services that leaked the conversation of prankster Vovan and the dictator, Andrei Soldatov believes.

The editor of Agentura.ru Andrei Soldatov stated that to Radio Svaboda.

“If we speak of who could wiretap Lukashenka, we should consider that the telecommunication networks in Belarus this way or another is based on the Russian templates and, accordingly, the equipment may be of Russian manufacturing.

It is more likely for Russian secret services to wiretap Aliaksandr Lukashenka, when he is in the territory of Belarus (this is a very important point), than Ukrainian or Western”, - he stated.

We would remind that prankster Vovan222, who spoke with Lukashenka as if he was Yanukovuch the junior, claims these were different people, who posted the recording on the internet. In prankster’s opinion, the Belarusian dictator could be wiretapped by Ukrainian or Western security services.