24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:04

Private companies to be barred from importing goods to Belarus


Only special importers will be allowed to import goods, if their analogues are produced in Belarus.

The decision was prepared by the Belarusian authorities. Under it, from July 1, the state will receive the exclusive right to import the goods, if their analogues are produced in the country, Interfax reports.

“The draft document really exists. It was prepared by the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Industry,” Siarhei Mikhnevich, the chairman of the board of the Belarusian Automobile Association, says.

The initiators of the document are ready to give the special importer status to 12 industrial enterprises, including joint stock companies MAZ, MTZ, Belshina, Horizon, Atlant, Gomselmash, etc, for a period of six months.

MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant) will receive the exclusive right to import all vehicles, including cars, from foreign countries, including Russia and Kazakhstan.

MTZ (Minsk Tractor Plant) will become an importer of agricultural vehicles and equipment, Gomselmash will import combine harvesters, Horizon – home appliances, radio, television and video equipment, Atlant – fridges and washing machines.

Siarhei Mikhnevich turned attention to the ambiguity of the measures proposed by the government to protect the domestic market and manufacturers.

“The Association is holding a rather effective dialogue with the initiators [of the document] – the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Industry trying to improve the document, so that it cannot damage other importers and the economy in general,” he said.

The Ministry of Industry explains that the draft document is supposed to support Belarusian manufactures and reduce consumer import.

Asked if the measures would harm big Belarusian retailers of home appliances and electronics, the Ministry answered: “It is a chance to turn our face to the goods produced by Belarusian manufacturers that do not yield to foreign analogues in quality.”

Photo: brestcity.com