21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:49

Russia to send Tu-160 strategic bombers to Belarus


Strategic bombers will be stationed at a military aerodrome in Belarus.

It became known from a source in the command of the Russian Air Forces, Ukrainian Ekonomicheskiye Izvestiya writes. A number of Russian websites and the Belarusian website “Military and Political Review” confirm this information.

Strategic bombers are sent to Belarus allegedly for the participation in an air parade on the “independence day” on July 3.

The planes and crew are preparing for the flight from Engels aerodrome to a Belarusian base. The flight is expected to take place in the nearest time. There's no information about the number of planes and the destination aerodrome. It is reported that Tu-160 bombers are likely to be stationed at a Belarusian military aerodrome after the parade.

It became known yesterday that Russian Tigr armoured vehicles, Iskander and S-400 missile systems already arrived in Belarus to take part in the parade.