21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:54

Bykau drew caricature of Lukashenka


The writer's drawing is published for the first time.

Siarhei Navumchyk published a caricature of Lukashenka he keeps in his archive. He writes on Radio Svaboda website that the author of the drawing, which is presented to public for the first time, is Vasil Bykau.

“Vasil was always drawing something during telephone conversations (there was a telephone number on this sheet of paper, but I cut it when scanning). The author did not sign the drawing. He only scribbled what was supposed to be German 'Sieg heil',” the politician writes.

Siarhei Navumchyk says he decided to publish the caricature after the street artists, who were painting portraits of Vasil Bykau in Minsk, had been detained on June 17.