18 January 2018, Thursday, 20:31

Belarusian flag at Donbas battalion camp


Belarusians, serving in Ukraine’s Donbas volunteer battalion, have put a white-red-white over their tent.

Now there are about 15 Belarusians in Donbas now. Part of them have long lived in Ukraine, but most came recently specifically to join the battalion. There are former activists of opposition organizations among the volunteer, Belarusian Partisan reports.

Belarusians live in several tents on the training camp of Ukraine’s National Guard. Georgians and Ukrainians also live in the tent beneath the flag.

The Donbas battalion is now finishing recruitment and may be shortly sent to the east of Ukraine. All the Belarusians, who have signed for the service with the battalion, addressed to Ukraine’s Minister of Interior with a request to provide them with a residence permit or even Ukrainian citizenship. The minister promised to assist in preparing the documents so that the Belarusians officially serve in the battalion.