18 January 2018, Thursday, 16:53

Belaruskali prepares mass dismissals


1600 employees of the potash giant will soon be fired.

This follows from an open letter to the charter97.org web-site from employees of Belaruskali’s Repairs, Construction and Assembly department

“Currently at the Belaruskali the process is ongoing of creating subsidiary enterprises out of secondary departments – the so-called outsourcing or reorganization. This is all being done in wild uncivilized ways. According to the calendar event schedule, approved by the director general, it was expected that before 14 February 2014 respective technical and economic justification documents would be prepared for turning our department into a separate legal entity. However, up until today the documents have not been prepared, the expediency and effectiveness of such undertaken has not been established. Moreover, at workers assemblies it was announced that making the department into a separate entity would lead to the lowered profitability of the production of mineral fertilizers”, - the letter reads.

The authors note that the Repairs, Construction and Assembly department of the Belaruskali employs over 1600 highly qualified workers and specialists of over 70 professions.

“Behind them are families, children, grandchildren. What expects them after the reorganization, to put it simply – after the people get kicked out? Preparation and turning secondary departments into outsourcing agents took decades in other countries and would go with respective legislation being adopted. At the Belaruskali this is being done without any preparations, with laws being violated and people’s lives crashed”, - the employees emphasize.

Due to that the employees of the Repairs, Construction and Assembly department seek for support and ask too stop the campaign on destroying the labour collective for keeping it stable and confident.

“We are ready to stand by all means legally available for ourselves and our families to protect us from the lawlessness being put into practice by officials and their friendly corrupt institutions”, - highlight the authors of the letter.

It should be noted that earlier mass dismissals took place at other large enterprises of the country. Hundreds workers got kicked out of the Horizont and Belshyna plants.