19 January 2018, Friday, 6:43

Thanks for your support!


After our appeal for help came out, hundreds of our readers took up the call.

Several days ago we addressed you requesting help. Now it is a difficult time for our joint project. In the last year our audience tripled, while financing, unfortunately, even dropped. In order for our web-site to keep existing, the editorial office needs financial support.

We are a truly independent web-site that has its own opinion on what is taking place in our country and region. The Belarusian dictatorship doesn’t like it, as well don’t like it certain political forces both in Belarus and abroad. Our team has been blocked, intimidated, beaten up, put in prisons, the web-site’s founder Aleh Biabienin was murdered, the editorial office had to leave Belarus, but the web-site is still working and will proceed.

Millions of Belarusians inside the country and abroad, the residents of neighboring countries learn of what is happening in Belarus from reading the charter97.org news. Not everyone agrees with us, the web-site is visited by friends and foes alike, but the majority of readers are not just readers, but like-minded people, who share our desire to change Belarus and turn it into an independent, civilized European state. This is what inspires us and gives us strength to keep working.

In order to remain a truly independent media, we appealed to you, our readers. Not a single project can last for years on mere enthusiasm alone, the web-site cannot survive on advertisement (businesses are simply afraid to show up on our pages) and your support is extremely important.

We want to thank everyone, who has already answered the call and supported the project. For obvious reasons we will not give surnames, but will only give thanks by first names:

Alex, Alex, Maria, Alexander, Nikolay, ARTYOM, Alex, Andrei, Ganna, Aksana, aliaksandr, Maryna, Valentine, Lisa, Dmitry, Maksim, Aleh, IGOR, Yury, Anton, Viachaslau, Mikhail, SERGEY, Pavel, Denis, Sviatlana, Dmitri, Lana, Siarhei, Mark, Pavel, Sergey, Dzmitry, Svetlana, Alexander, Yahor, Dzmitry, Alex, Vitali, Alla, Uladzimir, Alexandr, editeur, Ihar, Anatol, Siarhiej, LouisMarie, Maxim, SIARHEI, Wladimir, Eugene, Konstantin, ALEKSANDER, Anatoliy, Vitaliy, Sergey, Sergey, Sviatlana, Kiryl, Vilen, Valiantsina, Uladzimir, Viktar, Kanstantsin, Pavel, Alex, Vadim, [firm’s name concealed] Inc., Anton, VASILI, Nicholas, Aliaksandr, Alex, ALIAKSANDR, Leonid, Aliaksandr, Siarhei, Mikhail, Andrej, Yury, Ihor, Vitali, Mikhail, Vitaliy, fedor, Yan, Aleh, Ivan, mikalai, Hanna, Ihar, Garriy, VADZIM, Jauhien, Alexandr, Dzianis, Alexandr, Yuriy, Igor, Rimantas, Sergey, Katsiaryna, Svetlana, tatsiana.

These are those, who made a PayPal or bank transfer.

Sixty more people used the WebMoney system. We cannot provide their names, since most of them use nicknames.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart!

We keep collecting funds for the web-site’s operations. You can support charter97.org in several ways:

PayPal donation:

WebMoney accounts:

USD account (WMZ) - Z311413920153
Russian rouble account (WMR) - R293268005472

Multicurrency account for donations:

Bank’s name: Bank Millennium S.A.
Address: ul. Stanislawa Zaryna, 2A, 02-593, Warszawa
IBAN: PL 97 1160 2202 0000 0002 1671 1123
Account holder’s name: Fundacja “KARTA ‘97”
Payment’s destination: „Darowizna na cele statutowe”

You can contact us on [email protected]