24 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:52

Labiedzka gets called “unchallenged” like Lukashenka

It is absolutely pointless to take part in elections of the United Civic Party’s chairman at the moment, a candidate for party’s chairmanship believes.

This is how Siarhiej Balykin commented for BelaPAN on his decision to withdraw from the UCP chairman elections at the party’s convention on 31 May. He was nominated by a group of delegates.

We would remind that, apart from the incumbent leader Anatol Labiedzka, Aliaksandr Dabravolski, Vasil Palakou, Hiennadz Anan’jeu, Siarhiej Balykin were nominated for the party’s chairman, but they all withdrew. As a result, the only runner for the UCP chairman was Anatol Labiedzka, who got reelected for another term.

“I am grateful to the people, who nominated me, and I very much cherish their trust. However, due to a whole number of reasons – objective and subjective, I refused to run as a candidate for the chairmanship. First of all, I totally do not seek any positions within the party, and bureaucratic work is a burden to me. In terms of character I rather incline to engage in entrepreneurship and science”, - Balykin said.

But as the main reason for his withdrawal Balykin named the absence of any real opportunity to win the elections.

“In my view, elections of the UCP chairman is a much more cynical procedure than, for example, the elections of the president of Belarus. Even Lukashenka cannot afford one candidate elections, while there was only one name on the UCP ballots. Moreover, when, literally in five minutes after having withdrawn, I went to the lobby for a ballot, the necessary number of ballots had been already printed with the only one name on. I doubt that they managed to make them in such a short time”, - the party member shared.

He claimed that, while the authorities are accused of falsifications at polling station, then with the UCP the selection happens at the stage of nominating congress delegates.

“I doubt that each party member received a notification of local assemblies being convened, as per the statute. If you provide yourself with loyal voters, you can even install a transparent ballot box- this does not influence the outcome”, - Balykin said.

“It should be realized that elections within a party is a long process, presupposing work with party members. It is absolutely unreal to win, having jumped out like a bat out of hell. That is why I did not want to be a façade sparring partner for the unchallenged UCP leader, having left him the right to play alone in his sandbox”, - Balykin concluded.

Altogether 127 people took part in the secret vote. Labiedzka scored 102 votes for and 22 – against, while three ballots were found invalid.

Leu Marholin, Antanina Kavaliova, Vasil Palakou and Uladzimir Vujek were elected as the deputy chairmen.

Labiedzka “sincerely” shared why he had decided to run for the party’s chairman again: “When a person wakes up and two thirds of his thoughts are on the party issues, it means he has not yet exhausted his potential”.

As the main task for himself and the party he named the necessity to bring back to Belarusians the right to choose. “It is necessary that free elections took place not only within separate organizations, but the whole country”, - the politician emphasized.

Photo: BelaPAN