19 January 2018, Friday, 10:19

Russia Today journalists arrive at site of pipeline explosion near Poltava in 10 minutes


It took Russian journalists only 10 minutes to arrive at the site of the gas pipeline explosion near the village of Krasnoye in the Poltava region

The statement was made by Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolev, TSN reports.

“It took Russia Today 'journalists' 10 minutes to arrive at the site of the explosion of the gas pipeline in a remote district of the Poltava region. As the story says, we were travelling, stopped to play the piano, and accidentally found it in the bushes,” the official said.

The explosion on the gas pipeline “Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod” near Krasnoye village in the Poltava region took place on June 17. the Ukrainian Interior Ministry thinks it was a terrorist attack orchestrated by Russia.

Evidence of the intentional demolition of the pipeline is reported to be found.