20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:57

Bykau’s widow not invited to writer’s museum opening


A museum, dedicated to the writer, got opened yesterday at Vasil Bykau’s former summer house near Minsk.

Two years ago Vasil Bykau’s widow Iryna Mikhajlauna gave writer’s summer house to the state. On 19 June, on Vasil Bykau’s 90th anniversary, another museum, dedicated to the famous Belarusian, got opened in the summer house in Zhdanovichy-6 settlement. The writer’s widow, who provided the museum with the building, was not invited to the opening ceremony.

She visited the summer house before the museum’s official opening. At the same time the high-ranked guests, who cut the symbolic ribbon, were the Minister of Culture Barys Sviatlou and the head of the official Writers Union Mikalaj Charhiniec, Salidarnasc reports.

Altogether, journalists included, about half a hundred people came to the opening. Mikalaj Charhiniec contributed to the museum’s exposition 10 letters that Vasil Bykau wrote to him to Afghanistan, while guests from Russia presented the museum with a painting of the great writer.

It is curious that one of the sponsors of the museum creation was the Bulbash brand, the products of which the guests were treated on after the official part.