21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:17

Authorities budge on special importers


The Ministry of Industry has backpedaled.

The news was spread by the press service of the Ministry of Industry of Belarus.

“The Ministry of Industry and the concerned government agencies have considered the issue on granting the state the exclusive right to import industrial goods. The Ministry finds it unreasonable to prepare such a regulatory document and does not plan to introduce special importers,” the press release says.

The Belarusian government proposed to restrict the import of goods for six months, if the analogues of the goods are produced in Belarus.

The relative draft decree was prepared by the Ministry of Industry. Enterprises of the Ministry were supposed to receive the exclusive right on importing cars, home appliances and television equipment, tyres, engines and other goods from July 1.

Under the draft decree, which was to be approved until June 23, 12 state-owned enterprises, including MAZ, MTZ, Belshina, Horizon and Atlant, were expected to become special importers.