20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:22

“Distorting mirror country”: Minsk residents look at life behind bars


Activists held the action “Distorting mirror country” on Sunday night.

They installed mirrors and bars near Chelyuskintsev Park and the Academy of Science with labels “Do you like it?”, “Maybe it must be so”, “Do you think too much? You are the next” that are supposed to make people think about the Belarusian reality.

The aim of the action was to offer people to look at themselves from the outside, think about total apathy and indifference in the country and look for the reasons in themselves, Nasha Niva has learnt from the organisers.

A similar action was held in Minsk two weeks ago.

Activists put a mirror with painted bats and the text “Everybody can be there” in a niche in the building on Independence Avenue 39. The mirror remained in the niche for two days until it was “arrested” by the police.