21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:14

Miasnikovich: It wasn't me


The prime minister says he did not give orders to restrict the import of goods.

Belarusian PM Mikhail Miasnikovich says the government did not plan in the near future to give the exclusive right to state-owned enterprises allowing them to import products if their analogues are produced in Belarus.

“The government did not give orders to introduce this and other restrictive measures relating to import,” Miasnikovich said.

The press service of the Belarusian government quotes the PM and adds that according to Miasnikovich, the information, which earlier appeared in the internet media, was untrue.

The Ministry of Industry also denies the plans of the government to introduce special importers.

“The Ministry of Industry and the concerned government agencies have considered the issue on granting the state the exclusive right to import industrial goods. The Ministry finds it unreasonable to prepare such a regulatory document,” the Ministry of Industry informs.

The ministry emphasises it “does not plan to introduce special importers”.

According to earlier information, Belarus was preparing a state decision that would allow the state to receive the exclusive right on July 1 to import goods, if their analogues are produced in Belarus.

The project was prepared by the Ministry of Industry. Under the document, 12 state-owned enterprises, including MAZ, MTZ, Belshina, Horizon and Atlant, were expected to become special importers for six months.

Representatives of the country's business community sharply criticised the document last week pointing out the controversial character of the proposed measures to protect the domestic market and manufacturers.